We are delighted to announce our first ever painting contest! This has been a goal for us for over three years now and we are pumped that this is happening. There are 5 categories, listed below, and some amazing prize support from both Artis Opus and Element Games for which we are extremely grateful.

Note: While our podcasts do focus on the Old World and 40K, this is an open IP contest, meaning that as long as it fits the category, miniatures from any manufacturer, any scale, and any genre can be entered.

The contest runs from June 7th to July 7th 2024.


1. Single Miniature:

This category is for single miniatures on an appropriate base. This category may also include a miniature mounted on a bike, horse, boar, gribbly etc… Larger single miniatures must be entered in the Vehicle Category below.
Please post you entry on Instagram and Tag your entry with #LDTLsingle

2. Unit

This category is for a unit of three to five single miniatures. The unit can be displayed individually or on a scenic base. This category may also include miniatures mounted on bikes, horses, boars, gribblies etc…
Please post you entry on Instagram and Tag your entry with #LDTLunit

3. Vehicle or War Machine

This category is for a single vehicle or war machine mounted on an appropriate base, or not. This can include miniatures such as a chariot, artillery piece, walker, or armoured vehicle.
Please post you entry on Instagram and Tag your entry with #LDTLvehicle

4. The Dead:

As this is Dhar’s favourite faction in all of gaming we thought we’d indulge him. This category is for any undead single miniature, regardless of form or size, on an appropriate base. This category can include mounted miniatures as well as warmachines etc… it just has to be dead.
Please post you entry on Instagram and Tag your entry with #LDTLdead

5. Blachitsu/Grimdark

We love the whole painterly concept of Blanchitsu or Grimdark. High contrast, grime ridden miniatures that convey a strong narrative and look amazing/threatening. Entries for this category can include a single miniature, a unit of up to 5 miniatures or a Vehicle/War Machine painted in a Blanchitsu/Grimdark style.
Please post you entry on Instagram and Tag your entry with #LDTLgrimdark


1. This painting competition is free to enter and will be conducted via Instagram pages/hashtags. The only requirement for entry is that you must have an Instagram account.
2. To enter the painting competition on Instagram, contestants must simply share one or more pictures of their painted miniature(s), new or existing, on their Instagram account and tag it using the correct category hashtag.
3. Laying Down The Lore has posted the relevant details on Instagram including the appropriate hashtag to be used in each competition.
4. Contestants may enter multiple categories but are limited to one entry per category.
5. Each entry may only be submitted to a single category.
6. Submissions can be made until 23:59:59 July 7th 2024, entrants local timezone, at which time we will take no further entries
7. One winner and one runner-up will be chosen per category.
8. Judging will be done by the three hosts of the Laying Down The Lore podcasts. In each category, we shall select the entry which best satisfies the judging criteria. The judging criteria shall be as follows: painting skill (60%), creativity (20%), originality (10%) and humour (10%). Decisions of the judges are final.
9. The judges may contact entrants via Instagram to supply other images of their entry or notify them that an entry has been moved to another category.
10. Winners will be notified via Instagram message from the Laying Down the Lore Instagram account within 7 days of the close of the competition. Winners will also be announced via Instagram to the general public.
11. The prize pool for this contest is sponsored by Artis Opus and Element Games. For each category the winner will receive a D Series Drybrush set and XL Texture palette from Artis Opus and a £25 voucher from Element games. Runners up will receive a £10 voucher from Element games.
12. By entering the competition, you are confirming that the submission is your own work and that any photographs are either owned by you, or you have permission to post the photograph to your Instagram page.
13. Laying Down the Lore reserves the right to vary any of these Terms and Conditions without notice. In such an event, we will make reasonable efforts to communicate any change with entrants.

Data Protection
Any personal data provided to us in connection with this competition will be held and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We may also use that data for administration of, and communication in connection with, this competition. By submitting your personal information in connection with this competition you consent to the processing of your personal data as set out above and you confirm that the information is accurate and complete.